Offer elegance and trend to your customers with capelines by Mora Mora

Capelines are wide-brimmed hats, often with soft brims to create a wave and an elegant style. With design, plain, with trendy ribbons, and always in assorted sizes and colors, choose the style with the cheap and expensive capelines to satisfy your customers who are looking for the trendy fashion accessory that will make the difference. Sale reserved for our professional customers.

  • Lady capeline 2 assorted colours: Beige & Black, White & Black Assorted sizes

  • Lady's floppy hat Capeline floppy edge, rice paper 3 assorted colours: Black, Beige, White Assorted size

  • Round hat display with adjustable height Capacity of about 175 hats borsalinos Sold alone or offered for 800€ HT order H176xW54cm

  • Boater shape straw hat Color : Straw 2 assorted style : Black flat ribbons, Black flying ribbons

  • Capeline hat hemstitched in small size Fabric ribbon in leopard design 2 assorted colors : Black, Beige Assorted sizesAll the Floppy Hat collection

  • Batch of floppy hat in rice paper Fabric ribbon & edge 2 assorted colors : Beige/Black, Black/Beige Assorted sizes

  • Cap peak for lady, adjustable peak Assorted sizes and colours

  • Capeline hat hemstitched  Flower ribbon  2 assorted colors : Beige, Camel Ajustable

  • Capeline in lace effect  Simili ribbon 2 assorted colors : Navy, Beige Ajustable sizes All the Floppy Hat collection