Hats>Floppy hats

  • Lady capeline 2 assorted colours: Beige & Black, White & Black Assorted sizes

  • Lady'shat Capeline floppy edge, rice paper 3 assorted colours: Black, Beige, White Assorted size

  • Round display with adjustable height. Capacity of  about 175 hats borsalinos. Sold alone or offered for 800€ HT order. H176*W54cm

  • Boater shape straw hat Color : Straw 2 assorted style : Black flat ribbons, Black flying ribbons

  • Capeline hat hemstitched in small size Fabric ribbon in leopard design 2 assorted colors : Black, Beige Assorted sizes

  • Capeline hat in rice paper Fabric ribbon & edge 2 assorted colors : Beige/Black, Black/Beige Assorted sizes