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Useful pouches and clutchs by Mora Mora, supplier of fashion accessories

What could be better than a pocket to store your makeup, keys, sunscreens, or to avoid going out with your big handbag and carry only the essentials? Mora Mora offers you a wide choice of pouches in various designs and sizes so everybody finds their ideal kit that meets their needs. Trendy pouches, clutch and small shoulder bags offer you an alternative to summer bags or the possibility of selling a Bag and Pouch assortment! Wholesaler reserved for professionals.

  • Escale Marine Collection Canvas pouch Waterproof lining Zipped 2 assorted colours : Navy, Blue lagoon H18xL28xP18 cm Other waterproof lining : OCEAN Collection 

  • Canvas striped pouch with simili patch Zipper H18xL26 Colour Navy/White

  • Canvas small bag with Pineapple design Simili handle Zipper H14xL24xP6 cm 2 assorted colors : Black, White

  • Clutch in canvas Zipped 3 Assorted colours : Blue jean, Grey, Indian pink L19xl7xH14

  • Canvas small bag Zipper H15xL25xP7 cm 2 colours : Coral pink, Light green

  • Removable handle small bag Canvas + embroidery Zipper H17xL23 cm 3 assorted colours : Beige, Black, Blue Mora Mora International wholesaler Fashion accessories

  • Canvas small bag Handle Zipper H18xL22.5 2 colours : Anthracite with fuchsia lining, Jeans with orange lining

  • Canvas clutch with mandala design Simili handle Zipper H17.5xL23 cm 3 assorted colours : Grey, Beige, Blue Assorted bag DREAM

  • Canvas clutch Zipped 2 assorted colours : red and navy blue

  • Canvas clutch Removable handle Jewellery - Zipped 6 assorted colours : Beige, Blue jeans, Black, Kaki, Camel, Raspberry

  • Shoulder clutch in polyester canvas + Ethnic Embroidery Zipper H20xL26 cm 2 assorted colours : Water green, Purple

  • Pouch in polyester canvas Assorted handle Zipper H20xL28cm 3 colors /designs assorted: Burgundy w/humming-bird design, blue w/bird of paradise design, green with leaf design Assorted bag AMAZONE Available

  • Pouch in polyester canvas Cactus design printed Leatherette handle Zipper H14xL24xP6 cm  2 assorted colours : Taupe, Black Assorted bag CACTUS Available

  • Pouch in polyester canvas Leatherette handle Front sewed Design - Plain back Zipper H17.5xL23 cm 3 assorted colours : Grey, Blue, Beige

  • Stripped pouch in polyester canvas Assorted handle Zipper H15xL22xP9 cm 3 assorted colours : Water green, Navy, Lagon blue

  • Pouch in polyester canvas Assorted handle Zipper H14xL24xP7cm 3 assorted colours : Beige, Coral, Black

  • Pouch in polyester canvas Assorted handle Zipper H14xL24xP7cm 2 assorted colours : Beige, Bleu Jean

  • Pouch in polyester canvas Palm leaf design Assorted handle Zipper H15xL19xP7cm 2 assorted colours : Green, Blue

  • Pouch in polyester & jute canvas Stripe and ethnic design on front Leatherette handle Zipper H19xL28,5cm 2 assorted colours : Blue, Coral

  • Escale Marine Collection Pouch in polyester canvas Handle in cotton rope Zipper Waterproof polyester lining H18xL28xP18 cm 3 assorted colours : Blue, Coral, GreyCheck out this assorted bag OCEAN

  • Pouch in polyester canvas assorted with BAG 6 design J'Peux Pas on white background Zipper with assorted color tassle H15xL19xW7cm 6 assorted designs colors: Blue, Mauve, Fuchsia, Orange, Red, Green

  • Pouch in polyester canvas Tone on tone strap Zipper - H20xL28cm  2 designs in vintage photo style

  • Pounch in polyester canvas Tassle on zipper H28xL20 cm  2 designs leaf assorted 

  • Pouch in polyester canvas Front patch in flecked effect Zipper - Pompon assorted H16x21,5cm 3 assorted colors : Navy, Ecru, Yellow

  • Beauty pouch in PU & polyester Zipper with tassle H17xL25xW7 cm 1 gold and leaf design