Welcome to Mora Mora, wholesaler and international supplier of bags, shoes, hats, sunglasses, home & fashion accessories.

Wholesaler for 30 years, Mora Mora develops a wide range of fashion accessories for men, women, junior and kids :

  • Shoes : Aqua shoes, Espadrilles, Flip-Flops, Clogs, Sandals,...
  • Bags : Handbags, Beach bags, City bags, Summer bags, Waterproof bags, Assorted pouches
  • Hats : Borsalinos, Panamas, Capelines, Handmade hats, Kids hats
  • Ready-to-wear : Dress, Tops, Trousers, a large range of summer clothes
  • Textile : Beachwear, Beach dresses, Beach ponchos, Bath sheets and beach accessories
  • Displays : Sales support tools to present and highlight your selection of items and boost your sales. Articles to increase your average basket are available in this category.
  • Good deals : A selection of cheap fashion accessories to find in each category.

To accessorize your ready-to-wear, lingerie or beach shop, Mora Mora products will bring a trend to your store!

- Wholesale only for professionals -

We are the essential supplier of fashion accessories

We import fashion accessories made in Indonesia, Madagascar and Asia to offer our customers fashion accessories at attractive prices. Our rigorous ethics guarantee our respect of environmental and social standards in our relations with our various manufacturing workshops.

We distribute our own brands: Mora Mora, Méditerranéenne and Escale Marine

As a wholesaler for retail stores, we offer our brands sold with a package tailored to your needs to allow you to diversify your offer.

A reactive team

The Mora Mora team is oriented towards customer satisfaction. A sales team is at your disposal to inform you and advise you. Our stock is available and fast delivery all year round. Contact us info@mora-mora.net


  • Sandal in EVA Adjustable strap 2 assorted colours : black and white  Sizes : 36-41 Box per 24

  • Flip flop per size with brazilian flag on the strap Assorted colours :  Femme A : 4 couleurs assorties : Bordeaux, Navy, Caramel, Bleu lagon Femme B : 4 couleurs assorties : Bleu canard, Fuchsia, Gris, Beige Homme : 4 couleurs assorties : Gris anthracite, Navy, Taupe, Vert Canard Sizes : From 37 to 44 Box per 12

  • Two-tone flip-flops for men and women 6 colors assorted for men: Brown/Blue, Beige/Brown, Green/Grey, Blue /Yellow, Choco/Orange, Black/Yellow 6 colors assorted for women: Blue/Pink, Pink/Blue, Blue/White, Light pink/Fuchsia, Pink/Brown, Chocolate/Orange Sizes : 36-41 Box per 48

  • Aquashoes for men in neoprene with velcro. The must for river and beach. For men : Black/green, Black/blue, Black/orange from 40 to 46 For women : Black/purple, Black/fuchsia, Black/green from 35 to 41 Box per 12

  • Aquashoes for adults in neoprene. Ball tightenning. For men : Black/Green, Black/Blue, Black/Orange from 40 to 46 For women : Black/Purple, Black/Fuchsia, Black/Green from 35 to 41 NEW! RESTOCKING PER SIZE Box per 12

  • Brazilian flip flop Brazilian flag on the strap 2 assorted colors: White (32 pairs) and Black (16 pairs) Sizes : 36-41 Box per 48

  • Brazilian flip flop Brazilian flag on the strap 4 assorted colours : Peacock Blue, Fuchsia, Silver, Beige Sizes : 36-41 Box per 48 NEW ! RESTOCKING PER SIZE PER 12 PAIRS

  • Brazilian flip flop Brazilian flag on the strap 2 assorted colors : Black (32 pairs), White (16 pairs) Sizes : 39-46 Box per 48

  • Cross-body bag in polyester canvas  Asymmetric bicolor design Flap pocket - zipper H50xL40xW10cm 2 assorted colors : Blue/Beige, Coral/Beige

  • Cross-body "mini bag" in leatherette  Polyester shoulder handle Flap closure  H18xL17,5xW7,5cm 3 design/colors assorted : Grey, Black, Burgundy

  • Bag in polyester canvas  Double handle shoulder & cross-body Flower design  Leatherette handles Ziper H42xL53xW7cm 3 assorted colors : Grey, Coral, Blue

  • Cross-body bag in braided PP  Leatherette shoulder strap Zipper - H27xL23xW12cm 3 assorted colors : Grey, Black, Brick

  • Pouch in polyester canvas Front patch in flecked effect Zipper  H16x21,5cm 3 assorted colors : Navy, Ecru, Yellow

  • Pounch in polyester canvas Tassle on zipper H28xL20 cm  2 designs leaf assorted 

  • Pouch in polyester canvas Tone on tone strap Zipper - H20xL18cm  2 designs in vintage photo style

  • Pouch in polyester canvas assorted with BAG 6 design J'Peux Pas on white background Zipper with assorted color tassle H15xL19xW7cm 6 assorted designs colors: Blue, Mauve, Fuchsia, Orange, Red, Green

  • Panama hat glittered Leatherette ribbon 3 assorted colors : White, Bronze, Gold Assorted sizes

  • Hat in natural style Paper straw 1 color : Natural Assorted sizes

  • Capeline hat in rice paper Fabric ribbon & edge 2 assorted colors : Beige/Black, Black/Beige Assorted sizes

  • Capeline hat hemstitched in small size Fabric ribbon in leopard design 2 assorted colors : Black, Beige Assorted sizes

  • Panama hat, flat edge Ribbon with shells & tassles3 assorted colors : Navy, White, Camel Assorted sizes

  • Bucket hat  65% polyester 35% cotton 4 assorted colors : White, Beige, Red, Blue Adjustable

  • Bucket hat with large edges 65% polyester 35% cotton  Reversible Adjustable 3 assorted colors : White/Black, Yellow/Black, Beige/Black

  • Bucket hat  65% polyester 35% cotton  Bicolor 2 assorted colors : Navy/Ecru, Caramel/Ecru Adjustable